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  The position of the Y filter is at the exit of the auxiliary pump. When cleaning, the end cover is screwed down, the oil is soaked with kerosene, and the brush brush is used. The installation will be placed on the end cover by hand net screwed in the end wrench, tighten. Use a group of glue to wash once, such as no impurity two groups of glue washing once, flexible mastery.


  The mixer is cleaned when the flow rate is slow or the glue is uneven. The mixer remove across the vise, clamped at both ends of cover, not to screw clamp. Release the six screws at both ends with a six angle wrench, open the body, remove the gasket, the needle, and the mixed core. Clean the parts. Do not deform the cover, and do not have any scratches in each plane.



  The mixer end is provided with a groove, the installation will be put into the side of retaining the pinhole, will stop into the retaining needle pinhole, across the groove. Replace gasket after the end cap aligner, A to A, P to P, screw, screw after lying in a vise clamped by four screws, the lower end of the wrench to tighten loose vise device body is rotated 300 degrees, and then tighten the clamping vise below four screws. Turn four or five times in turn. According to the A surface, the P surface is installed on the glue machine.


  When cleaning, unscrew the nut with a small clamp screw, pull out the needle body, spring. Clean up all. Needle valve outlet plane and needle cap to ensure no impurities, scratch, deformation. When installed, the needle is inserted into the body. The spring is set on the body of the needle and the nut head is tightened to the inside. The force is about 1 to 2 kilograms.

  卧式中空玻璃打胶机卧式中空玻璃打胶机卧式中空玻璃打胶机大过滤器的位置在高压表B表右下,拧下回流阀下方胶管,拧下过滤器,将网及网芯取出,弹簧、取出,刷干净,将弹簧小孔套在网芯的凸点上。倒着裝入器体后转过来拧在胶机上。用3-5组洗一次,如无杂质,灵活掌握即可 。

  A horizontal hollow glass glue machine horizontal hollow glass glue machine horizontal hollow glass glue filter machine position in the high table B table right, unscrew the valve below the hose, unscrew the filter, the net core removal, spring, spring will be removed, cleaned, small core convex set in the network point. Reverse the loader body and turn it on the glue machine. Use 3-5 groups of washing, such as no impurities, flexible mastery.


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